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What is wrong with the pictures below? Plumbing and heating blunders.

Have a look at the pictures on this page and ask yourself what is wrong with this picture.
Many homeowners don't understand how important it is to have a real plumber and heating person work on, and service their plumbing and heating systems, below are some examples I have seen, some are just poor workmanship, others are very dangerous. We have codes for a reason and we have the board of health for a reason, if a person does not know what the codes and board of heath rules are, how can they do the right thing when they come to your home. This is why licensing is so important. keep yourself and your family safe, use only certified contractors to do work in your home.

whats wrong with this picture       
A fire hazard  A scalding burn hazard  A contaminated water Hazard  A carbon monoxide hazard 
A mauling hazard  A fire hazard  A burn out your furnace hazard  Just stupid 

If you have a picture of something done by a non professional, and would like it posted on this page please send the image and the description of what is wrong with it to me at

Carbon monoxide leak  A number of problems  Growing pot  Another water contamination 
City not happy  Sewage in drinking water.