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In this picture you have a small pipe being bent and pushed into a larger pipe. So what's wrong with that? My guess is the small valve on the right was not holding and was dripping water onto the floor, so instead of replacing the valve or simply removing the valve and capping off the water line, some handyman or other person thought it was a good idea to simply bend the tubing into the drain line that is so conveniently located just to the left. and he made a special connection so that it would not leak. But here is the problem, the pipe on the right is a water line that connects to all the drinking water in the apartment house 15 apartments. The pipe in the middle is a sewer line connecter to all of the toilets in the apartment house 30 toilets. under the right conditions sewer water can be drawn into the drinking water lines. Children live in this apartment building.The board of health would have issued very stiff fines for this very small but very bad mistake. This is why plumbers are required to have a license.