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I don't want to get on my high horse or a soap box, but I have no use for any type of drug use, and in my mind Pot is a drug, and I have no use for it. I could go on about that but wont. What does Pot have to do with this burnt up crawl space and all the burnt plumbing pipes?
Some brain dead pot smoking asshole thought it was a good idea to grow pot in the crawlspace, and use very hot lights to help it grow, because it was a crawlspace with limited room, the very hot flood lights were placed right next to the very dry wooden floor beams.
What a surprise there was a big fire. Even though the police and fire fighters got a small buzz, the tenant was still put in jail for being an asshole. And they say Pot does'nt make you stupid.
I had to replace all the pipes, the boiler and everything else plumbing and heating related.