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Well single pipe jet pump, common problems, how to prime and setup. On this page we will explain how a Goulds single pipe jet pump works and a few common problems, that are simple to solve.

I call any well pump that is not a submersible pump a jet pump. 

A shallow well up to about 100 feet deep can use a jet pump with just a single pipe, with a foot valve at the bottom of the well, deeper wells require a pump with 2 pipes and a special fitting on the bottom.
It is really is best to have a pro help you with a 2 pipe jet pump, they can be very difficult to troubleshoot, when it comes to dealing with the pipes and fittings going into the well. and if a well is to deep you need to go with a submersible pump.

Some problems are common on both single pipe and two pipe Gould jet pumps.

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