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All you need to know about well pumps, jet pumps, well tanks and other well and pump problems.

Well pump troubleshooterAre you having problems with your well pump? Is your well tank working correctly? is your foot valve defective?
The above and all other pump and well questions can be answered here.
Below is a list of questions about well pumps and jet pumps, tanks and other well and pump questions, please click on the question that best describes your question, this will take you to a page that will help you with your water well problems.
I have worked on many wells, and have replaced and installed many, new well pumps, both jet, shallow well pumps, and submersible well pumps.
I have also installed many well tanks, bladder tanks and galvanized tanks.
I hear a clicking sound whenever I have the water running, what is causing this?
My water pressure, almost stops altogether, then all at once the pressure comes right back.
I can hear my well pump running but no one is using any water
I get air coming out of my faucet before I get any water, why?
My electric bill is very high, could it be caused by my submersible well pump?
When my pump turns off I hear water rushing back down the well pipe, is this normal?
What is a pit less adaptor?
How do I pull my submersible well pump?
What is a torque arrester?
What does the well pump control box do?
What is an offset line?
How deep should I run the offset line from the well to the house?
An important note: Most well pumps run on a 240 volt power line, this could be very dangerous, especially because it is being used in water, it is always better to have a real professional work on your well.