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Do you have problems with your water heater? I can help you, there are many different types of water heaters, the most common water heaters are Gas water heaters and electric water heaters, but there are also oil fired water heaters and indirect water heaters. And there is also the hot water coil on boilers. Simply put gas water heaters are heated by gas, either natural or propane, electric water heaters are heated by electricity and oil fired are heated by oil. The indirect water heater is heated by the boiler, and the hot water coil is also heated by a boiler. this page has links to troubleshooting many types of water heaters please follow any link below that applies to your question or problem. if you don't see any that apply to your problem, please use the Open Dialog service  

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 The Brass Gas Flexible connector in this picture has been outlawed And deemed unsafe
 If you Have this type of gas flex going to any appliance in your home, It is very important 
 You have it replaced with proper gas flex ASAP 

Why Does My Pilot Light Keep Going Out?

There are a number of reasons for a pilot to go out,


 The most common is a bad thermocouple. A thermocouple sends a signal to the main gas control on the water heater Telling it the pilot is on. If the thermocouple goes bad It will send a false signal and the pilot will go out. The solution is simple replace the thermocouple. Because of the potential danger of explosion Fire and death I will not give Instructions on how to replace A thermocouple. Please call a professional.

The Flame Is not hitting the thermocouple correctly
A strong draft
When a water heater is heating for the first time the inside of the tank condensates And sometimes drips on the pilot and puts it out. In this case just relight it.

The new gas fired water heaters, that have sealed chambers, need to get there air, to burn the gas properly from vents in the side of the tank or from the bottom of the tank. 
If these vents are not clear, the flame and pilot will starve for air and go out. Some are easy to clean others are impossible.   

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Why do I only Get 5 Minutes of hot water

For all types of water heaters a common cause is a bad dip tube

The dip tube is on the cold side of the water heater it drops down to the lower part of the water heater, pushing the cold water to the bottom and pushing the hot water out. When this tube breaks the cold water is allowed to go across to the hot side bypassing all the hot water in the tank.

On electric water heaters if the bottom element is burned out you will just get a little hot water.

Other things that cause water heaters to have limited hot water. A running toilet will use up all your hot water if you have a mixing valve. any running faucet.

See How the Dip tube works

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Why Should I have My Water Heater replaced by A professional? 


As mush as I would love to help you save money on the installation of A new water heater, I can't take the chance that something I say might be misunderstood and some one could get hurt and or die. All water heater installations have a potential for fire, explosion, Electrocution, Carbon monoxide poisoning. Love your self and your family and Call A Professional

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How hot should the water be?

120 f Any higher you risk scalding

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If a 40 Gallon water heater springs a leak, How many gallons of water will I have on my floor?

A water heater Will continue to leak until the water is off If you have a water flow of as little as 2 gallons a minute. In 8 Hours (a normal day at work or a normal nights sleep.) you will have 960 Gallons of water on your floor. most homes will get a larger flow of up to 7 Gallons a minute Or more, giving you 3,360 Gallons of water on your floor. IF you took a week vacation 70,560 Gallons of water. 

What is the point of this question? Simple, If you have doubts about your water heater, Don't wait till it starts leaking to replace it.

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