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How to replace a washing machine fill valve

On the previous page I covered how to clean the screen in the back of your washing machine to get the water to fill faster.

I found one today that was not caused by the screen being clogged, the washing machine would not fill up with hot water, the cold was fine but no hot water at all, I checked the screen and it was clean.

So I know it had to be the fill valve or a wire going to it.

Note: it is possible for some other problem to cause the electric fill valve not to open, for that kind of problem call an appliance expert.

First Turn off the hot and cold water to the washing machine hoses. Then unplug the washing machine from the wall outlet.
Then remove or open the top cover to your washing machine, This one is a General Electric washing machine that loads from the front. I just remove the screws in the back and pull the top towards myself and it comes right off.
Now I need to remove the hot and cold water hoses from the old General Electric washing machine water fill valve. Then (on this one ) there are 2 screws that hold the washing machine water fill valve in place, I remove the 2 screws and the fitting is loose from the washing machine.
Going back a moment, before I started to remove the washing machine water fill valve, I tested it by switching the wires from the hot side (the red ones) to the wires from the cold side (the white ones) and the hot side of the valve did not open with either set up, so I know the hot side is bad. it's one piece so just change the whole fill valve. Remove the wires from the fill valve, then remove the hose that connects to the fill valve inside the washing machine. notice the clip holding the hose to the washing machine fill valve, just pinch the clamp and push it away from the fitting, then just pull the hose off the fitting.
Replace washer fill valveGE fill ValveWashing machine fill Valve it's me
This is a top down view of the General Electric washing machine water fill valve. there are many variations of this valve be sure to get the one that is right for your washing machine this one cost me a total of $37.00 with the shipping, it took an hour and a half to move everything off of and from around the washing machine and only 15 minutes to replace the fitting.
Just do everything in reverse to install the new one.
Be sure to test for water leaks before you replace or close the top of the washing machine.