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Why does My washing machine takes forever to fill with water!

Have you ever found yourself making this statement? If so this is the page for you. On this page I will explain why your washing machine takes so long to fill with water. How to stop your washing machine from taking so long to fill with water and how to prevent your washing machine from taking so long to fill with water in the future. Below you will find step by step instructions with pictures showing you why your washing machine takes forever to fill with water. Some times it is just the hot water that takes forever to fill, most times it is the cold water that takes forever to fill, and sometimes it is the hot water and the cold water that takes forever to fill into your washing machine. The very quick and simple answer to why your washing machine takes so long to fill with water is, the screen in the back of the washing machine is clogged. All of the images below are thumbnails you will see a larger version of the image by clicking on the image.

Slow filling washing machine Time to get to work the first thing you will need to do is have access to the back of the washing machine. Either reach over the top or pull the washing machine away from the wall so you can get back there
turn off cold water You will need to turn the water off because you will need to remove the hose from the back of the washing machine. The cold water is normally on the right turn the valve clockwise to turn it off.
shut hot water off The hot water shut off for the washing machine is normally on the left. Turn this clockwise to turn the hot water off.
Remove water pressure Turn your washing machine control to warm then set it as if you are going to start the washer and pull the button out, this relieves the pressure in the hoses.
Hose connection
Washing machine hose
Please note the letter C and the letter H punched out of the metal in the back of the washing machine. H is for the hot water hose and C is for the cold water hose. Remove the hose from the cold water connection turning counterclockwise with a pair of channel locks.With the hose removed notice the blue green plastic fitting the hose was connected to, this is a solenoid valve that opens and closes when the washer needs water. Notice the black center, this is your problem. under that black silt is a screen.
Use wrenchSee screen Take a closer look at the screen, it is full of very fine sediment. the screen needs to be removed and cleaned
Remove Screen Being very careful not to damage the solenoid valve, place a small blade of screw driver between the plastic and the screen and pry it out.
Remove dirty screenDirty filter screem It's ok to crush the metal mesh screen to get it out because you can reshape it after, some have plastic screens be very careful not to crack it or you will need to get another screen.
Without screen With the screen removed you see the little hole the water goes through to inter the washing machine, it is very important that nothing gets into this solenoid valve, the smallest particle will cause the solenoid valve to remain open causing a flood.
Clean screen area Take the time to clean it out with a Q tip making sure it is clean.
Clean screan areasWash or replace screen Now clean and reshape the old screen or get your new screen ready to install
Replace screen Place the new screen into the solenoid valve make sure that it fills the whole area and there is no way water can get around the side of it.
Screen in place This is how it should look in the back of your washing machine.
Washing machine hose Now reconnect the hose and turn the water back on to make sure you do not have any leaks.
Good flow water Now you should have good flow going into your washing machine.
Good water flow Have a closer look at how the water should flow. in this case only the cold water is flowing, in this case Only the cold water was filling very slow.
washing machine water fill valve If you found the screen clean or cleaned the screen and the water still is not flowing, it may be the washing machine fill valve
A few other items that need to be covered.

Thanks Tom, but I already know how to replace or clean the screen because I have to do it every other week or more because it keeps getting clogged, how do I stop this from happening.

You need to install a whole house sediment filter as the water comes into your home from the city. If you have a well you need to install the whole house sediment filter just after the well tank. this will prevent the sediment from getting into the lines in the first place.

Thanks Tom But I cleaned out the screen and I still get very slow water flow in to my washing machine, why?

Some washing machine hoses have build in screens check both ends of the washing machine hoses and clean or replace the screens in them.

Should I just remove the screen, so that I wont have to be bothered with it?

Only if you want a $1,000.00 water bill and a flood. the solenoid valve will fail if sediment gets inside of it.