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If you found the screen clean or cleaned the screen and the water still is not flowing, it may be the washing machine fill valve

A few other items that need to be covered.

Thanks Tom, but I already know how to replace or clean the screen because I have to do it every other week or more because it keeps getting clogged, how do I stop this from happening.

You need to install a whole house sediment filter as the water comes into your home from the city. If you have a well you need to install the whole house sediment filter just after the well tank. this will prevent the sediment from getting into the lines in the first place.

Thanks Tom But I cleaned out the screen and I still get very slow water flow in to my washing machine, why?

Some washing machine hoses have build in screens check both ends of the washing machine hoses and clean or replace the screens in them.

Should I just remove the screen, so that I wont have to be bothered with it?

Only if you want a $1,000.00 water bill and a flood. the solenoid valve will fail if sediment gets inside of it. 

Thomas Petito