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The Viessmann Vitorond 100 Oil Fired Boiler With Riello 40 Series Oil burner and Honeywell Control

Last September, my brother in law and I went to purchase a new boiler for his and my sisters home, the old boiler was leaking and was really sucking down the oil. My intention was to get a Peerless boiler or a Burnham boiler or a Weil McLain Boiler, because I'm familiar with them and have confidence in their performance. When I got to the supply house, the sales person whose opinion I trust, told us about the Viessmann Vitorond 100 oil fired boiler. He claimed that it was more fuel efficient then the above mentioned boilers. I took a look at the boiler he had on display and immediately did not like what I saw The Honeywell control was mounted on the back of the boiler, this is not something I like because I believe a control should be accessible, and I should have a full clear unobstructed view of the Honeywell control. For this reason I tried to talk my brother-in-law out of buying this boiler. But it was his money (my sisters really) and he liked the idea that it was more efficient then the others, so we got it.
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When we got it home we found the outer jacket on the Viessmann Vitorond 100 b oil fired boiler was dented and damaged, the boiler it's self was not damaged at all, so we ordered a new jacket at the supply houses expense, them removed the old jacket and striped the boiler down to it's cast iron shell to make it easer to get down the stairs. Once we got the boiler down the stairs, we decided that was enough work for one day, (we're getting old) the next day my sister and brother-in-law went on a weeks vacation (I planed it this way) and I got started, first I removed a wall that was in the way and was no longer needed, in order to install the new boiler in a way where the Honeywell control will be some what accessible. The stuff on the floor is kitty litter, used to clean up all the old oil on the floor from the old boiler that had been there for the past 35 years. The images above are there just so you can see what this boiler looks like with out the jacket the Riello oil burner the door the baffles and other stuff.

This is the area that will need to be cleaned by a professional every year, It will have soot in it and if that soot is allowed to build up enough it will prevent the fumes and gasses from going out of the chimney causing puff backs and putting a nice black film over everything in your home. Trying to clean a boiler yourself is a bad idea, because breathing the soot is dangerous, and a special vacuum cleaner is needed for the soot, the soot is to fine to be caught in a standard vacuum cleaner and will be blown into the air and settle all over your home. There are 3 baffles that need to be in this area of the boiler. 1 large baffle in each side and 1 smaller one in the middle.