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Residential Boilers Oil Or Gas standard parts identified.

With out a doubt Working on A Residential Oil fired Boiler, or Gas fired Boiler, is the thing I love the most about the Heating Business. I could work on them every day of the week. As a result I feel that I can help any one solve there oil fired boiler or Gas fired Boiler problems. It could be a Weil McLain Peerless Boilers American Standard Burnham Hydro-Therm. Dunkirk Crane Or any other Brand Oil Fired Boiler or Gas Fired Residential Boilers. You give me the symptoms and I will Give you step by step instructions on how to solve your heating problem. Look at the items below so that when you ask your Question you will be able to give better details about your problem so that I can give you a better answer.

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Air taco.JPG (22879 bytes) This is a picture of an auto air vent on the left and a taco zone valve on the right, The auto air vent lets air out of the heating system The Taco zone Valve opens when you turn the thermostat up and allows the hot water to flow through your heating system.
Oil Fired Boiler This Is Your Expansion Tank It Absorbs the expansion of the water when it is heating. It is not your Hot water Tank
Vent Damper.JPG (18503 bytes) This is a vent Damper Most newer gas Fired Boilers have them.
Relief Valve.JPG (11648 bytes) This is a boiler Relief valve. Please see the relief valve page
Secondary.JPG (16449 bytes) The gray box strapped to the pipe is a secondary Aquastat that you may not have on your boiler but SHOULD It will stop your boiler from being a run away (never shutting down till something blows) Very Dangerous.
Dielectric.JPG (17952 bytes) This Is A dielectric union I personally don't think they should be put on boilers (unless your local plumbing code requires it)
pump.JPG (23890 bytes) The Black thing in the middle is a Taco 007 circulator pump The blue Handle Thing Is a Gas Cock It turns off the gas. Honeywell Zone ValvesTaco Zone Valves
residential boilers This is an Air Scoop With the Auto Air Vent on top and the expansion tank on the bottom.
guage.JPG (19935 bytes) This Is a Gauge it shows your Boiler Temperature and Pressure. In most cases the pressure should be between 12 and 20 PSI And the temperature should be between 170 f and 190 f
Fill Valve.JPG (16112 bytes) This Is one type of Fill Valve It adds water to the boiler, if it needs it.The one behind the fill valve is a back flow preventer. How to Replace the Fill Valve Click Here