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Page Two Instructions on how to replace a bath tub waste and overflow assembly.

Gerber Tub waste readyNow be sure the center of the shoes line up, then tighten both nuts, make sure they are good and tight, but don't be a HE MAN.
Now the tub waste is ready for the linkage assembly.
Gerber trip linkageThis can be done after the new Gerber tub waste is installed on the bathtub, but I do it first to save myself extra trips up and down the stairs, remember we are doing the alone. First I get a rough idea and adjust the linkage.
Then I put the linkage down the overflow tube, till it hits the bottom, you need to be sure it has hit the bottom it can get stuck and feel like it has, when it has not
That's why I do it now instead of after it is installed, look from the bottom of the tee to see that it has bottomed out in the tee. do not clean away the grease that is on the stopper. With the stopper all the way on the bottom note how much linkage is still hanging out of the overflow tube. It the trip lever plate lines up with the overflow inlet, your good.
But that never happens loosen the nuts above and below the plastic fitting holding the stopper, then screw it up or down as needed to have the stopper sitting all the way down at the bottom of the tee and the trip lever plate lined up with the overflow inlet, WITH THE LEVER UP!!!. if the lever is in the down position it will the tub will not drain.
Now that you have the trip lever assemble adjusted correctly it's time to install the tail piece, the kit comes with a 4" long threaded tail piece in some cases you will need a longer one that you will need to buy separately just ask for an 1 1/2" by 12" threaded tail piece. Dope it up (I prefer a dope compound over Teflon tape)
Screw the tail piece in to the bottom of the tee, the threads are fine so be sure to catch them strait. you can also use a tail piece with out a thread (not recommended) but you will need another nut and washer, for extra safety you can use a nut and washer with the threaded in tail piece.
Now it's ready note the washers on the overflow and the top of the shoe. the washers on the shoe go as follows, the hard one touches the shoe the rubber one goes on top of the hard washer and will touch the bottom of the bathtub. I dope up the rubber washer on both sides.
Now I install the two screws, they will work as a hanger, as I said before make sure the nuts are tight, Just screw the screws in so that the heads stick out about an inch fast the rubber washer
Now from under the tub push the whole assemble up into the wall till the overflow inlet lines up with the out let hole in the bathtub, let the two screws go in to the hole and then let the whole assemble hang from the screws this will hold the waste assemble in place till you get upstairs to connect it to the bathtub.
Now you will install the spud into the shoe. make sure the washers are in as I described before and that the washer is coated with pipe dope. Put plumbers putty around the rim of the spud make sure it is even and not so thick that you will not be able to catch the thread.
You may find that the assemble wants to move and you cannot keep it still. With one hand put your fingers into the overflow and use that to pull up or push over as needed to hold the shoe in place. Once you catch the spud snug it up good with either the Channel locks and a screwdriver or 2 screwdrivers
Now you can remove the 2 screws from the overflow tube and install the linkage and trip lever plate then reinstall the screws, make the screws snug, go back down below the tub and reinstall the trap. (you may find the waste assemble off center and to one side, just pull it back to line it up with the trap, install the trap and tighten all the nuts for the trap.
Now go back upstairs and tighten the spud real good and tighten the screws on the overflow lever plate to make a good seal with the rubber washer. test the trip lever to make sure it goes all the way up and down, fill the bathtub up check for leaks, drain tub and check for leaks as the tub is draining. your done.
The trip lever plate: If you have a tub drain with the lever that will not stay down or you have to hold it down to get the tub to drain, the problem is the spring or the posts on the trip lever plate are worn out, simple replace the trip lever plate.