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Hot to replace the guts of a toilet tank.

This is a continuation of the toilet Douglas valve Please click here to go to the beginning. Click on any image to see a larger image.


Also you may need to cut the overflow tube so that it is about an inch below the hole in the tank for the flush handle. if the top of the overflow tube is higher then the flush handle hole, you can have a flood if the fill valve fails. the flush handle does not have a water tight seal.
With the new flush valve in place with the rubber washer on the inside of the toilet tank put the nut on the bottom and tighten it so that it is tight but don't go HE Man on it, it's just plastic.
The new rubber tank to bowl kit washer, there are a number of different sizes and shapes be sure to use one that is right for your toilet, to small will leak to big you will never be able to make the tank tight.
Be sure to put the rubber washer on the bolt before putting it into the toilet tank, some will require a rubber washer and flat metal washer on the bottom of the tank also others will not.
This toilet does use the rubber washer and flat washer on the bottom of the toilet tank with the nut to tighten it up.
Make the nut tight so that there is pressure on the rubber washers top and bottom, but again don't go He Man on it you can break tot tank.
Now it is time to put the tank on to the toilet bowl, this area needs to be cleaned first, then line up the bolts with the holes.
Make sure the flush handle is facing you, and that the tank site evenly on the bowl
Now put the new flat washer and the new bolts on the bottom of the toilet, tighten both sides a little at a time till it is tight don't tighten one side all the way down, then try to bring the other side down, this will break the tank or bowl.
Some toilets need special bumper washers where the tank meats the bowl you will need to use them, or the toilet tank will always move or you may end up breaking the tank or bowl trying to make the tank tight without them.
Here is the toilet tank with the Douglass valve removed, clean both the bottom and inside of the tank where the new Douglass valve will be, to get a good seal.
This is the old flush valve you can sell it for scrap if it is brass, if plastic just throw it away.
And this is the new flush valve with the new flapper already attached.
The inside of the old toilet is very dirty but I cleaned the area that the flush valve and the toilet tank to bowl bolts will connect to the toilet tank. A few important steps. be sure to have the overflow tube turned in a way that it does not get in the way of the toilet fill valve operation or the flush handle and flapper chain.