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American Standard Toilets and parts

American Standard toilets, this name has been around long before I started working in the plumbing and heating business over 35 years ago.

American standard toilets have been used by our great grand parents. American Standard toilets continue to be find quality reliable toilets even today.

On this page and on other pages linked from this page you will learn how to repair most American Standard toilets, for example the American Standard Actuator flapper and the new American Standard Flappers. The power flush toilets, the new 3" flapper toilets and other useful information about this great American Standard toilet.

American standard toilet flopper    Old American standard flapper

The American standard actuator. How to replace the disk.

There are two types of actuator disks one screws on and the other snaps on, the problem is it's hard to tell one from the other. For the screw on type look above the disk then just above the plastic the disk is attached to, if you see a little nut head, it is a screw on type. You may need to use a very small pair of needle nose pliers to hold the nut head to unscrew the disk. The snap on type will not have the nut head and this flapper just snaps off and the new one snaps on. You can buy a disk that will work with either one it's a universal American Standard Disk kit. Be prepared, your hands and everything the old disk touches is going to be black, they make a real mess.

The Sticking American Standard Actuator.
You flush the toilet then the actuator stays in the up position. Why? What makes it keep getting stuck in this position? I really love the design of there old actuators, they are so much better then the new flappers. This is how the thing works, see the round tube that is on top of the actuator, that the chain connects to. That tube fills with water when the tank is full, when you flush the toilet, the weight of the water in the tube keeps the actuator from slamming back down before the toilet has a full flush, But there is a little hole in the bottom of the tube that lets the water out of the tube, once enough of the water drains out of the tube, the weight on the actuator lets the actuator drop back down over the flush valve opening, So if your actuator is staying in the up position, the little hole is clogged and needs to be cleaned out.

The flush handle for the American Standard actuator needs to be the correct flush handle, a standard flush handle will set the chain on top of the actuator interfering with its design. the short handle made for this toilet pulls the actuator up and back, this allows a smooth flushing action.

American standard toilet actuator