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Todd's plumbing Problem

Todd From Leesburg, VA

Todd: I have two sinks in my kitchen. One of the faucets now has terrible water pressure.  The other is fine, as well as everything else in the house.  It has just happened for the first time since we bought the house a year and a half ago.  It's a new house.  I have checked the filter at the end of the faucet spout and it is fine.  No clogs there.  What should I do?  Thanks a bunch, Todd.
Tom: Hi Todd: If the faucet has a sprayer try turning the water on high and press the sprayer button over and over again for about a minute. if this does not work. you may have to take the faucet apart to remove what ever is in it. Or you may have to replace the diverter. inside the faucet (assuming it has a sprayer). if this did not work please give me details about the faucet  i.e. one handle, brand name, other, or send a photo. and I will give further instructions. please respond to this email address.  And Thank you.

Todd: Thanks a bunch.  My wife followed your directions, fixed it easily.  It was
stopped up there.  I appreciate your time.  Todd


Tom: Thank you. I would like your honest opinion. Do you feel this service was worth the Fee to you?

Todd: Yes.  My father in law is a builder and is coming to visit.  He is going to
help me do some other things around the house.  He hinted!! for me to call a
plumber.  It sounded like he really didn't want to do any plumbing. 
Although it was a relatively simple solution, it would have cost me at least
$150 for a plumber to come.  It was easily worth it.  I have already told my
cousin about your site and service.  She was interested in using it, she has
a plumbing issue also.  Todd

Tom: Thank you again.

Todd: I tried the sprayer button thing.  Didn't work.  The faucet is one handle, Moen.  I think I am sending you the photo.  Let me know. Thanks. Todd.

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Tom: Hi Again Todd: there is a back flow preventer behind the sprayer handle. You need to remove the hose from the sprayer. you do not need to turn the water off to try this. the nut should not be more then Hand tight once you have removed the sprayer point the hose into the sink and turn the faucet on to see if you have pressure there. I bet you do. If not let me know. but if you do, see if there is junk stuck in the back of the sprayer. if so clean it out. and you should be Ok if not let me know. Thanks again.