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Push and hold the red button and look to see if the soap starts to make bubbles. If no bubbles are present. release the button and WAIT 5 Minutes Then using a match or other open flame. push and hold the red button again  and light the pilot once the pilot is lit hold the button for one minute. After you have held the button for one minute relieve the button The pilot should stay on. If not try again if it continues to fail call me 907-346-2544 once the pilot stays on DO NOT TURN THE BROWN KNOB BACK TO THE ON POSITION. First replace the burner cover making sure it is in it's proper place with the screws in the slots. then standing up with your face away from the front of the boiler turn the brown knob to the on position. then turn the power back on. you are done put the boiler cover back on. The gas valve in this example has a brown knob with a separate red button to push for the pilot. But some only have one knob with out the red button, with this type you push the know when it is in the pilot position Not all the knobs are brown. Again If you have any doubt call a Professional.

Tom Reardon