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The thermocouple is a probe that sits directly in the flame of the pilot light of your gas fired boiler or furnace or water heater or unit heater. That has a copper wire that goes from the probe to your gas valve. It is important to note: not all gas boilers, furnaces and so on, have a thermocouple or a light able pilot. Some have electronic ignitions and some have spark ignitions. trying to light this type of system can de dangerous and a total waste of time. Lighting a pilot light and or replacing a thermocouple is potentially dangerous. Fire, Explosion, death and destruction of property can result. If you have any doubt in your ability to do this safely stop and call a professional to replace thermocouple. Master Plumber and I are not responsible for any problems you may have as a result of reading this information and using it.
Working on any gas appliance can be dangerous.
The few things that I am warning you about may not cover all the possible things that can go wrong. again if you are not 100% sure of your ability CALL A PROFESSIONAL!!! To replace thermocouple

Replace Thermocouple Step 1