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Thanksgiving is coming, a few tips that will help you have more money for black Friday and allow your plumber to have the whole weekend off.

It happens every year, the day after Thanksgiving, I'm sitting on the couch trying to digest to large meal from the night before, and the phone rings, I know what it is even before I pick up the phone, someone has a clogged kitchen sink, I answer the phone, the person on the other end says my kitchen sink is backing up and I have family over and it is a real mess, why does this always happen on the holidays?

This is why this particular problem always happen on the holidays.

People are under the impression that a garbage disposal can get rid of everything you put down the sink, most people know better then to put bones in the garbage disposal, but are unaware of what potato peals can do.

Potato peals turn into a thick paste that completely clog the drain lines. so throw your potato peals in the garbage bag instead of the garbage disposal, and I can spend the day with my family and you will have more money for black Friday.