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The 1.6 gallon flush toilet = poor sanitary conditions

I noticed due to the new water closets and other low flow fixtures required in New York there is an increase of mosquitoes in the waste and sewer piping. I would imagine that the less volume of water is not providing the proper scouring action that these pipes were designed to work with. I have also had to do more water jetting as the build up of grease deposits and soap scum has severely reduced piping diameter.

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I am wondering if any research has taken place since it was mandated arbitrary to just reduce the volume of each discharge without taking into consideration the ramifications of just lowering the GPM flow? Video inspections have proven that due to the lack of proper scouring action that there is an increase of bugs and other parasites thriving inside the piping. With West Niles and other diseases becoming more rampant possibly one should consider a more active role in preventative maintenance of municipal and private waste removal. For example the model codes do not want storm water to enter the sanitary systems thus what used to be cleaned periodically by heavy rain storms is just not happening. Granted the water treatment plants cannot handle the deluge of storm water entering the system but there has to be some medium to allow periodic scouring the sewer and waste lines. Rodding just is not going to clean these line and chemicals are being used to such an extent that many bacteria are now immune to chemical cleaning. The public should be made aware that the local government cannot and /or will not address these problems. The private sector should be more actively involved in teaching the populous on how to hire properly trained plumbing contractors as more now then ever it is the master plumbers who protect the health of the nations and prevention is much better then trying to find a cure. Respectfully, Sylvan Tieger,LMP