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The plumber with the healing hands strikes again.

Anyone who works on boilers and does no heat calls in the middle of the winter knows it’s a never-ending day. When I get tired I try to make myself feel better by joking with the homeowners a little, so I go to someone’s home, knowing full well that they have no heat and there home is going to be cold, I walk in introduce myself, cross my arms and say “wow it’s really cold in here” most people get the joke, but the ones that don’t lose all confidence in me at that moment, and I get the strangest look of fear and doubt.

Any way one of those days with endless no heat calls I arrive at the home and it is a gas fired boiler that is stone cold. I put my hand on the Honeywell control cover with intentions of removing the cover, and the boiler starts running, the homeowner is amazed (so was I) I tell her that I have healing hands and that will be $200.00 please. She actually started writing the check, I stopped her and explained that I was kidding, and that there must be some loose connection and it will be hard to find now that the boiler is running normal.