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Articles written by Mr. Sylvan Tieger, Licensed Master Plumber in New York City

Welcome to Mr. Sylvan Tieger's articles on plumbing and heating, plumbing codes, gas, sewer, environmental issues and other interesting topics. Please read about his training and experience below.

7/13/65- 7/18/68 United State Navy Boiler Tender/Rigger (17 -21 years old)

1969 - Joined plumbers local Union # 2 for year apprenticeship (1969-1974) 10,000 hours OJT ( on the job training) plus 744 hours of class room studies

Received 5 certificates of completion (1 for each of the 5 years) code, theory, welding, blue print drawing/reading gas piping systems, water supply. drainage (all types)

At the Federal building in Manhattan I was in charge of the operation of the plant  I continue to take courses relating to my profession as this is a never ending education.

Passed Federal testing for Stationary Engineer to work on Air conditioning plants with central absorption systems and high pressure steam 125# and Electrical services up to 440 V

1981 - Passed an American Society of Mechanical Engineers course of low pressure Boiler and unfired pressure Vessel inspector as given by Oklahoma University (Federal Boiler inspector and unfired pressure vessel inspector) for the US government

1982 - received my Master plumbers License. Continued taking technical courses roofing inspection and several courses on welding from Nassau Research.

1983 - started my own business doing plumbing, hydronic and steam heating, gas fitting, drain cleaning and low pressure boiler inspections.

Bought out another plumbing/heating company and started another company doing high rise fire suppression systems and pump installations and large boilers continuing my repair business and alterations. Doing commercial, residential, institutional and industrial work.

Going to other area's and taking several more master plumbers licenses and doing roof drain installations (specialization). Continued taking courses and receiving more diplomas in heating and Fire suppression training. As a New York Master Plumber.
I am Licensed and Certified do all aspects of Gas fitting -  drainage and plumbing.

1986 - Received my master fire suppression piping contractors license.

During my free time, I was an Auxiliary police officer for the city of NY going on patrol and taking several police emergency courses and passed my Sergeants test.

For the US Postal Service I gave welding safety classes and instructed the safety department how to find cross connections of the potable water systems and did numerous asbestos abatement inspections.

I worked as a Safety inspector for the plant Manager of Manhattan and as a certified unfired pressure vessel and low pressure boiler inspector for the North Regional office.

I worked on writing plumbing codes and fire safety.

For the General Services administration I was certified for plumbing and roofing.

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