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There is a lot of talk about who accepts responsibility when water is too hot.

There is a lot of talk about who accepts responsibility when water is too hot.

Now, I am curious, what is considered too hot? Many codes do give a minimum temperature of water, either leaving the source or at the point of use.

I do know the Board of Health does require a water temperature of 180F for sterilization in lieu of chemicals and a "normal" dish washer temperature of 160F for commercial and 140-160F for residential is ideal. Even commercial washing machines do require a certain temperature of hot water to kill bacteria.

I served as a legal expert on many burn cases where the temperature is said to be too hot, yet in the majority of these cases, no one would question the parents about what else was going on in the house or the physical condition of the dwelling at the time of the "accident".

If the stone age beings were as simple as today's humans there would be no one left on earth. Thankfully those simple minded cave dwellers actually tested the water they bathed in rather then just jumping into a boiling pot or steaming hot pool of water.

But in those days there were no lawyers.

I wonder who today takes personal responsibility for their actions?

A madman gets an ILLEGAL gun and shoots 10 people and the gun manufacturer is to blame.

A drunk gets behind the wheel of a car and plows into a crowd of 20 people and the Bartender who served this guy the drink is now the criminal.

Now we have lawyers/politicians dictating policy as to water temperature of domestic hot water and when folks get sick from all the water borne disease the plumber is the guilty one for not protecting the health of the nation.

The ASSE has a motto "prevention rather then cure" but  that was before it was the in thing to get sick and become a victim and make money off society.

After all, it requires a certain type of genius to know to keep flammable materials from the open flame of a hot water heater.Yet these same people can go to a home center buy a gas fired appliance and install same without a care in the world.

Only the licensed plumber / gas fitter has to worry about proper venting and having enough volume for proper combustion and the proper location and types of safety devices.

 Think about it, what "normal" person would give work to another country and then wonder why you have so much unemployment and lousy educational systems in his country.

We have materials being sent here that are so below code standards they are out right dangerous BUT when they fail, the licensed installer is the one they look to hang out to dry, not the stumble bums who manufactured this garbage.

Forget quality lets look for the cheapest possible job.

This way in a few years with these products, they can redo the same jobs over and over and thus more jobs for other incompetent inspectors and code writers who would NEVER DARE fail a job for having non code approved materials installed.

I remember once as a boiler inspector, I had just failed a boiler I had inspected and NYC had one of their inspector pass it. I said OK lets do a hydrostatic test to 11/2 times the actual maximum allowable working pressure which I read was required by code. Well, this rated 15 pound steam boiler split wide open like a water balloon at 9 pounds and thus was then condemned in the US Postal Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF) in Manhattan.

It takes too much effort for a civil servant to actually stop a job and say, "OK, remove everything you have installed that does not have the code required markings as to manufacturer and standards as to the actual material composition." I am amazed how in this country we have copper tubing failures when in other countries this is unheard of.

We have imported steel that fails within a year or two.

I would love to know how these importers and manufacturers of  garbage supplies feel knowing their family was at risk with the crap they sell. New Valves right out of the box are leaking Or fail to open once closed.

A hot water tank I bought was leaking near the upper most 4" of this 75 gallon tank and I took the hit on time replacing this pressure vessel which I thought was tested before leaving the factory.

How about the dip tube failures that plagued America and the very real possibility of someone getting maimed or killed because the T&P was completely blocked with the failed tube these tanks had. 

Why don't Lawyers go after product liability and code enforcement agents and City and State Government for not following the codes they spend millions to write and change constantly.

Seems the codes are not for everyone, only the professional licensed folks must follow them. Forget making new codes just enforce the ones already on the books, all 33 million codes out there, rather then creating more paper pushers.

How can we honestly protect morons from themselves?

Lowering the water temperature; great idea if you want to be creating an incubator for all types of bacteria. Allowing anyone to work on gas/water and venting without any knowledge; another fantastic idea to lower the population.

I think what lawyers and government and liberal educators should really do is practice what they preach. Lets have a United Nations Vote to ban ALL types of licensing and let everyone do what they want. For example, why should a person with the IQ of a turnip not be allowed to fly a commercial plane or run a choo choo train?  After all this same person in some areas is allowed to dabble in gas piping in high rise structures and just as many folks can be killed.

I feel terrible that a stinking piece of paper is required for me to do brain surgery on a lawyer yet the people who can do brain surgery can get away without a license to do plumbing where a simple cross connection can mean life or death.

Why is a license required to "practice law" or practice medicine when we plumbers /gas  fitters had better KNOW our jobs?

I need a marriage license, a dog license, a hunting license, a welding license, a plumbing license, a drivers license and all kinds of "permits" to actually do the jobs I am licensed for.

And for me to use a propane tank for welding I need a certificate of fitness (license) but anyone with cash can buy the same size tank for a BBQ without a license.

Wouldn't the explosion be the same?

So why should I have to go to classes to learn the safe handling and usage of combustible gases and ANYONE else can just go out and buy these potential bombs?

I feel that the government either enforce the licensing laws Or do away with them.

Don't make me pay literally thousands of dollars every year to be legitimate when they look the other way when the fly by nights dabble in my profession.

Respectfully Sylvan Tieger,LMP - LMSFPC