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How to repair a Sayco tub and shower body step U

And this is the finished product, the faucet no longer leaks and all the trim is shinny new, it looks great.

Now I few things to think about, most of the old faucets like this one have lead in them, lead has been used to make brass plumbing parts for many years, new brass faucets and fittings do not contain any lead. You may want to replace the faucet with a new one.

Also this type of 3 handle tub and shower faucet, does not have and pressure balance of scald guard protection features, Pressure balance, and scald guard features, prevent a person from getting burned in the tub or shower, if for some reason, the cold water pressure drops, (someone flushing a toilet) In the old style faucets, if the cold water pressure drops, the water in the shower turns to only hot, if the hot water is set too high at the water heater, a person could be burned very badly. All new homes must have pressure balanced and scald guard protection in them, some towns require the old faucets be replaced with new, before a house can be sold.

Replacing a 2 handle or three handle Sayco shower faucet with a new single handle tub and shower faucet is simple,
please see this page.

Sayco 3 handle tub and shower faucet.