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Toilet problems

NEW How do I repair a Mansfield toilet.

Those Damn blue water drop in tablets.

Why does the water in my toilet spins but does not flush?

Low water pressure issues.

Do toilets go bad?

What is that vibrating sound I here all around the house?

How do I change my toilet fill valve or ball cock?

How do I replace my toilet flush valve or Douglass valve?

How do I replace my toilet flush handle?

Why do I have hot water in my toilet tank?

How do I replace my toilet flapper?

What does a toilet mixing valve do?

How do I replace an old American Standard toilet Flapper?

Washing Machine Questions

Is it safe to leave the water to my washing machine hoses on?

Why does my washing machine take so long to fill up with water?

Bathroom sinks, tubs and shower faucets

How do I repair my Gerber 3 handle tub and shower faucet?

How do I replace a shower faucet without breaking the tiles?

What is the U shaped or J shaped fitting under my sink?

How do I repair My Delta Faucet?

How do I Repair a Delta Scald Guard Tub And Shower Faucet?

How to repair many Moen Faucets

How do I repair my old style Moen Faucets?

What tool do I use to remove my Moen Faucet cartridge?

How do I repair my Moen PosiTemp Shower faucet?

How do I repair a Sayco Tub and shower valve with two or three handles.

Kitchen Sinks.

How do I repair , replace or install a new Garbage Disposal?

What is that bad smell coming from my garbage disposal?

Why is there no water coming out of my faucet?

How do I replace a Kitchen sink Basket strainer?

How do I repair my Delta single handle kitchen faucet?

Drain Problems

The Great Drain King Drain Cleaner

How do I replace my tub drain?

How do I fix a clogged drain?

Bio-Clean The Natural Drain Cleaner.

Water Heater questions

Why do I run out of hot water so fast?

Should I install a tank less water heater?

Why is my hot water heater relief valve leaking?

How do I troubleshoot a water heater?

I need help with my electric water heater

Why does it take so long for the water to get hot in my faucet?

Why is my outside Frost Free Hose Bib leaking?


How do I solder copper pipe together?

I have a question about a well pump.

How do I find my main water shut off valve?

Well Pump problems

Sylvan Tieger



No Heat



What's wrong with this picture?

Well pumps


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