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Peerless Boilers, How to troubleshoot an old gas fired Peerless furnace or boiler.

Peerless boilers, I Have Installed many boilers and one of my favorites Is the peerless boiler both gas fired and oil fired. On this page I show some repairs I have made on an older Peerless gas fired boiler. Please scroll down the page to see the following repairs. Replacing an old Aquastat, and replacing a Taco 007 pump or circulator. I've found in many cases, no mater how much information I put in the pages of this website, people still have unique problems that are not covered, this is because all problems are unique and need specific instructions, this and the fact that most home owners are not master plumbers (like myself) make it difficult for a home owner to be sure what the problem is and how to fix it. This is why I provide the Open Dialog Service I will help you figure out what your problem is and give you step by step instructions on how to fix your problem in real time. If you want to fix your Peerless boiler or furnace right now please follow this Link  CLICK HERE.

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Peerless boilerClick on the picture for a larger view
The old peerless gas fired boiler notice the black carbon around the gauge.
This is common with this type of boiler make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in the house. 
Old Peerless furnace Now that it is out you have to remove all the wires. This is where I get nervous about giving further  instructions, because if you misunderstand, you can burn your house down and possible be killed.
So the only way I will give Instructions with regards to wiring an aquastat and gas valve is through my open dialog service
Click here for details
This is the well If the Aquastat relay you are replacing is a White Rogers you may have to replace the well because the old wells are to small for the new probes on the new aquastat this one was a Honeywell so I did not have to replace the well.  
This is a picture of the new aquastat the copper looking thing coming out of the back is the probe It has to go all the way into the well. this one is secured with two screws from inside the aquastat.
Taco 007 Circulator Pump
As luck would have It After I replaced the Aquastat, I found that the pump was bad too. So Now I will show you how to replace a Taco 007 circulator Pump. Again make sure the power is off. You can't trust the switch at the boiler and breakers and fuses are almost always marked wrong. test the wire it's self to be sure the power is really off.
This is the old one, See all the rust along the back of it. now The boiler needs to be drained first. so turn off the valve that supplies water to the boiler. Then hook up a hose to the drain at the bottom of the boiler. On this boiler it is on the right side but some of them are in the back where you can't reach them. What a pain this can be.
Now that the water is drained. you will need two wrenches 1 5/8" ant the other 11/16" most pump bolts are this size. Sometimes the bolts will not come loose and you have to cut them off. And in this very tight working area that can be a real Bi__h  Once again, If you don't fully understand what I am saying, Stop And call Plumbing And Heating professional.
Use two hand when doing this, I only used one because I had the camera in the other hand
With the two wrenches loosen and remove all 4 nuts and bolts. then lift up on the pipe a little and pull the pump out.
Remove the screw remove the wire cover. Again Make sure the power is off.
There are only two wires one black and one white or yellow. remove the 2 wire nuts. they should just un screw.
Remove the wire guide And through the old pump away.
Taco 007 Pumps Have a direction of flow. Indicated by the arrow stamped on the back of the pump As a rule of thumb the pipe that goes into the boiler at the lower point is the return line and you want to pump the water from the house to the lower part of the boiler. In this case you want the arrow facing down Because the pump in on the return pipe of the boiler.
Another problem, The old pump had the power supply box on the right (with the arrow pointing down But the new one has it on the left I can not install it this way because there will be no way to get to the power box with out removing the pump. So I have to spin the motor.     
There are 4 little bolts on the front of the pump remove all 4 then turn the head 180 % and pump the screws back make sure to tighten them down evenly   
 Now it is facing the right way
Now put the wire guide on the new pump and tie the black wire to the yellow wire in the pump and the white or yellow wire to the white wire in the pump put the wire nuts back on Make sure they are tight and no wire strands are showing. put the cover back on and put the screw in.
Now put the rubber washers between the pump flanges make sure they do not get pinched and put the 4 nuts and bolts back and snug them up good but don't make them too tight and don't tighten one side more then the other. Now you have to fill the system with water and make sure you don't have any leaks. Then you will need to get the air out of the system
This is for gas fired boilers only I will be adding oil fired soon.
How Do I Know, If it is my pump that is bad? This is not a simple question. because allot of things could be the cause of a pump not running. and there can be many other reasons that you don't have heat. This may be mush more then you should try to do on your own. Maybe you should call a Pro.
I'm just going to list some of the things that could be the problem. Every problem is unique and there is never a one reason answer for not having heat.
First the thermostat, Although they do fail, Most of the time it is not the thermostat. Many people think it's the thermostat and replace it. I look at the Thermostat last.

The First thing I do Is see what the temperature of the boiler is. If it is hot between 160 and 190 % f I know the boiler is working. If it is cold, I check to see if it is set up as a hot boiler (one that is always hot) Or a cold boiler (only gets hot if there is a call for heat) if it is set up as a hot boiler but is cold. I check pilot light. If pilot is lit I check to see if there is power. coming to boiler If no power I check breaker.
ok so we have power and pilot is lit Boiler is set up to be hot, but boiler is cold Why? most boilers have 24v gas valves, some have 120v but most have 24v this power is supplies by a transformer the power goes through the transformer through the aquastat then through all the safety switches, rollout switches and spill switches any one of these can be tripped and or burned out. not all boilers have these safety devices the older one we worked on above does not have any.


Replace Aquastat Relay.
Click On any picture to see a larger picture
Replacing an Aquastat relay to a simple Aquastat.
First the reason I am replacing the Aquastat relay with just a simple aquastat and not using a relay on this boiler (this may not apply to your needs) This Boiler has a garage unit heater that is set up to have hot water run through it all the time, so the pump is running all the time and the boiler is hot all the time. So there is no need for a relay to turn the pump on. If it needed a relay I would replace it with simple aquastat and a fan center relay. Note If you did not understand the previous paragraph, you should stop and call a heating professional.

Peerless Gas Boiler The next time I have to do that I will add that scenario to this page. If you need instructions for that now go to this page Open Dialog Service
Does This Look Like your boiler?  All the controls are behind the front cover. So remove the cover Turn the switch to the boiler off. Warning the switch may not turn all the power off. turn off breaker too and test line to make sure power is off.
Peerless gas furnace This is the old defective Aquastat relay. The relay sticks and causes the boiler not to run.
 to get this off you have to loosen the screw/nut on the top see the next picture. I had to pull the top or the boiler Jacket over to get to the screw   
Old peerless boiler Once the screw is loosened push the screw down to remove the Aquastat from the well. when loose enough it will pull straight out.