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Replacing an Aquastat relay to a simple Aquastat.
First the reason I am replacing the Aquastat relay with just a simple aquastat and not using a relay on this boiler (this may not apply to your needs) This Boiler has a garage unit heater that is set up to have hot water run through it all the time, so the pump is running all the time and the boiler is hot all the time. So there is no need for a relay to turn the pump on. If it needed a relay I would replace it with simple aquastat and a fan center relay. Note If you did not understand the previous paragraph, you should stop and call a heating professional.
The next time I have to do that I will add that scenario to this page. If you need instructions for that now go to this page 24/7 Help Line.
Does This Look Like your boiler?  All the controls are behind the front cover. So remove the cover Turn the switch to the boiler off. Warning the switch may not turn all the power off. turn off breaker too and test line to make sure power is off. 

Peerless gas boiler