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How to troubleshoot a gas fired boiler

with a standing pilot light.

This is the first page.

Before you start using this troubleshooter, be advised, this can be extremely dangerous.

You can be killed and your home can be destroyed.

By following any instruction or advice within this boiler troubleshooter you assume any and all responsibility for anything that happens as a result of using this furnace troubleshooter.

By clicking on any link below you agree that you have read and understand this warning.

On this and the pages to follow I will show you how to troubleshoot your natural gas or LP gas fired hot water boiler or furnace that uses a standing pilot.

For furnaces or boilers that have any type of electronic igniter, please see this link.

Although this troubleshooter is mainly for standing pilot boilers, many of the instructions will apply to boilers with an electronic or hot surface igniter.

Many no heat problems have nothing to do with how the gas is ignited. and this is the only difference between a standing pilot and an electronic or spark ignition fired boiler or furnace.

Some electronic spark boilers also have a blower motor to vent the boiler exhaust.

This boiler furnace troubleshooter will include instructions for Peerless Boilers furnaces, Weil McLain hot water boilers, Burnham furnace or boilers, depending on what you call it.

For me a boiler, is any heating unit that heats water, and a furnace is any heating unit that blows warm or hot air.

But most home owners call any heating unit a furnace, so I use the word furnace just to help you.

American Standard gas fired hot water boilers, Dunkirk Natural gas fired boiler with a standing pilot, and many other brands.

Most of these boiler manufactures use similar controls so the instructions will apply to most of them.

This is how this natural gas boiler with a standing pilot light troubleshooter is going to work, once you click on the continue button you will go to the next page on the gas fired boiler troubleshooter, on that page will be a list of statements, click on the statement that best describes the problem you are having, this will take you to the next step where there will be instructions and other statements, find the one that best describes your boiler no heat problem and so on till you find the answer to your gas fired boiler problem.


To get real help with your gas fired boiler now please use The 24/7 Help Line. We can solve it together.