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The No Heat Troubleshooter

This is a troubleshooter for heating problems that cause you to have no heat in part, or all of your home, it also covers too much heat.
This troubleshooter will cover oil fired boilers and furnaces and gas fired boilers and furnaces.
The way this troubleshooter works is, there is a list of options, you select the option that best describes your specific problem or equipment, you will be brought to another list of options and or questions, select the option or answer that best describes your situation, and so on, till you arrive at the cause, of your problem.

Please note: it is always best to have a licensed plumber, service your furnace and boiler. There are too many possible scenarios to mention in a website, many of them can put your home and family at risk. I do understand, that money is tight and plumbers are expensive, but nothing in your home is more dangerous, then your heating system.

The information given here, is intended to be a FYI, not a do it yourself guide. be safe call a professional.

My oil fired heater ran out of oil I have to keep hitting the reset button on my boiler
Oil, My whole house has no heat. My Oil fired burner is Puffing back smoke
My home has an oil fired boiler What is the difference between a boiler and a furnace?
My home has an oil fired furnace A furnace is a forced hot air heating unit that blows warm air.
My home has a gas fired boiler A boiler is a hot water baseboard or radiator heating system.
My home has a gas fired furnace Fired means the type of fuel your system uses.
Modine Garage unit heaters Standing pilot no heat at all
None some Boiler Has 120

Please click on the statement that best describes your heating system, even if you think the problem is not related to the system at all.

My whole house has no heat I have too much heat.
It's never gets hot enough. The Noise!!!!
My pilot light keeps going out Just part of the house has no heat.
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