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The T161 Moen cartridge removal tool, how to use it.

I just had to go and get this tool and try it, The following Has just been added to this page.  Click on any of the images below to see a larger image.

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A little clearer Picture of what it looks like before the pin is removed and the sleeve is still on.

This is just another picture of a Moen faucet and The Pin that needs to be removed.

This Is the Brass craft T161 Moen Stem (cartridge Remover) This Is a great tool. It is Available at most Home Depot stores. If the handle trick does not work try this tool.

This is the whole cartridge. If it is thinner then this. look at the next step.

Have a look at the little spring button on the other end of the T161 tool. This end of the tool is for removing the remainder of the cartridge if it breaks off. Push the button and insert the tool into the cartridge and turn in and push it in and out till the button pops into the hole in the cartridge.

Once the button pops into place. turn the T handle till the T handle is pushed against the body and again it will get tight, keep turning till it feels like it broke loose then turn and pull, once you have this part out put in the new cartridge.

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The smaller thread screws into the handle where the handle screw came out of, Be sure to screw it all the way in.

Once it is all the way in screw the t handle clock wise till the tool is pressed against the body of the faucet.

Once the tool Is against the body it will start to get hard to turn, keep turning, it will either give or just stop moving.

Keep turning till you feel it turn easier, At this point turn and pull, the cartridge will come out.

Then it is out. If the whole stem comes out scroll down to put the new cartridge back in. You will not need the tool for this.