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On this page I will show you how to replace the cartridge on a Moen Caldwell two handle bathroom sink faucet.

The replacement cartridge for the Moen Caldwell CA84666 faucet is a Moen 1224 or a Moen 1224B the B stands for Bulk, I stock the Moen 1224b cartridge. Please note the images and the instructions below, you can click on any image below to see a larger image with the instructions, then you can click on the next or previous button to navigate the images and instructions for the Moen Caldwell CA 84666 faucet cartridge replacement.

As always TURN THE WATER OFF. make sure the water is off by turning the valves under the sink off or by turning off the main valve. turn the faucet on to be sure the water is off.

Note: the water may run for a minute or two before it stops, but make sure it stops before you start working on the faucet.

This is the Moen Caldwell two handle Lavatory faucet with simple chrome handles. To continue click next above.
We are going to start with the right side of the faucet, this is the cold water side.
MAKE SURE THE WATER IS OFF! First step remove the little cap on top of the faucet handle, you can simply use your thumb nail.
Remove the cap and put it someplace safe, note it is small enough to fall down the drain.
With the cap removed you can see the screw that holds the faucet handle on, it is a Philips head screw.

Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the faucet handle screw.

This faucet handle has a long screw that comes out above the handle before it is disengaged with the faucet cartridge.
Remove the screw and put it in a safe place, this can also end up going down the sink drain. Note: placing a rag or something over the drain before you start is a good idea.
With the screw removed you will be able to remove the handle, just pull it straight up.
This is what the Moen Caldwell two handle lavatory faucet looks like with the handle removed.

Now you need to remove the brass nut, do nut mess with the chrome nut under the brass nut. this nut is removed by turning it counter clockwise. To the left for you young people who do not know how to read a clock.

You will only need the wrench to loosen the nut, then it can be turned by hand till it comes off of the threads.

Now remove the Moen 1224 cartridge. It may be hard to remove so I have two tricks, one use pliers to grab the top of the stem and pull up.

Two, with the brass nut removed, replace the handle and put the screw all the way back in, then use the handle as a lever to pull the cartridge out.
This is a close up of the Moen 1224 cartridge that was removed from the Moen Caldwell CA84666 lavatory faucet.

Now take your new Moen 1224B cartridge that you , out of the bag
Place the new Moen 1224 cartridge next to the one you just removed to be sure they are the same. Note: both the hot side and the cold side of the faucet use the same Moen 1224 cartridge.
This is what the faucet looks like with the cartridge removed. be sure there is no debris in the faucet.
Please note the little tab on the front of the new cartridge, above the hole in the side of the cartridge.
Now please note the notch on the side of the faucet. Click on image to see a larger image.
Insert the new 1224 Moen cartridge in to the faucet lining up the tab with the notch.
Push the stem down so that it touches the the faucet, sometimes it may stop short of touching.
If it stops short but the tab is in the notch go ahead and put the nut on, the nut will press the cartridge in to place, but be sure the cartridge does not spin when tightening the nut
DO NOT BE A HE MAN! the nut does not need to be very tight, just snug, you can damage the faucet or split the nut if you over tighten the it.
The top of the cartridge is not square so the handle will only go on one way.
You may need to turn the handle back and forth before it will drop down on to the cartridge, then you will need to turn it to it's movement zone before it will go all the way down.

Once the handle is all the way down replace the screw make sure the cartridge turns freely in its movement zone.
You may notice the screw goes in a little hard this is because the new Moen 1224B cartridge is not tapped for the handle screw, the handle screw is a self tapping screw so it taps the cartridge as it is tightened.
And now all you need to do is replace the cap. and you are done with the cold side of the Moen Caldwell ca84666 two handle bathroom sink faucet. Do the exact same thing for the hot side of the faucet.

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