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Get your Moen faucet replacement cartridges here.

Moen 1225 Cartridge

Use the Moen 1225B on this type of Moen faucet A simple way to determine what stem you need. If you pull your handle out to turn you faucet on, and then turn left or right to change the temperature, you need to use this Moen replacement cartridge 1225B.

Moen Posi Temp Cartridge

Moen PosiTemp 1222 Cartridge for replacement on the Moen PosiTemp Faucet, notice the letters H and C in the plastic.
A simple way to determine what Moen cartridge you need, If you just turn the handle to the right and up to turn it on and the water gets hotter as you go from top to left, you need the Moen PosiTemp replacement cartridge 1222B.