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The Modine hanging space heating system.

This is a Modine unit heater, also called a space heater, or garage heater. This is gas fired unit and should be worked on by a professional. Some area plumbing and fire codes, do not allow anyone but a licensed professional work on any gas fired appliance. I personally agree with those rules. All types of gas unit heaters should have the heat exchanger inspected every year for possible cracks that can cause a dangerous carbon monoxide  situation.


One day when I have the time I will finish this page. Need help now? try one of the following.
Call a local plumber


Some things you can do your self are, replacing the thermocouple and re lighting the pilot light.

And you can also click the reset able limit switch on the top of the unit heater. Things like replacing the gas valve should be done by a professional. The venting of the unit should be done by a professional. Messing with these things with out the proper expertise, can cost you your life. This is the gas valve, on this unit it is a 24 volt standing pilot gas valve.