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Everything you need to know about a Mansfield toilet, how to repair hard flush leak and broken handle. 

The Mansfield toilet, different from all other toilets, it does not have a normal flapper, it has a unique plush valve and valve seal, it has a unique flush handle, and unique failures.

On this page I will show you what happens when the Mansfield flush handle breaks, and what caused it to break, and how to fix both problems.

Please note: you can click on any image to see a larger image. This is the Mansfield toilet flush handle, it was broken when I arrived at the job, first thought, the handle is only plastic, so it broke, nothing unique about that, So I had a standard flush handle on hand, and replaced the flush handle, the replacement handle was not made for the Mansfield toilet it was just a standard flush handle. When I tried to flush the toilet with the new handle installed, I could not get it to flush, I pushed down very hard on the flush handle lever, but it would not go down and the Mansfield flush valve would not go up, I have seen this problem before.

Mansfield toilet flush handle

Note my thumb pressing hard on the new flush handle, it does not move, when I push down harder I notice that the new flush handle is starting to bend, If I continue the flush handle is going to break. So now I know something else is wrong, as I said before I have seen this problem before, the valve seal, has become soft and warped.

Mansfield toilet repair 

The first thing that needs to be done, is remove the top piece with the plastic tube tied to it, it unscrews counterclockwise, once unscrewed just push it to the side, note in this repair I did not bother to turn the water off, it is such a quick repair, very little water was wasted.

Mansfield toilet overflow 

With the top piece removed the Mansfield flush valve comes straight up, but you have to bend it so the flush handle comes out of the opening on the side, then the flush valve comes right out.
If your flush valve is very dirty, this is a good opportunity to clean it.

Mansfield flush cone

This is what the Mansfield flush valve looks like from the side, just place it out of the way for now, there is not anything to replace on it for this repair.

Mansfield toilet disk 

Now that the Mansfield flush valve has been removed, you can see the Mansfield valve seal, it's the red washer at the bottom of the toilet tank. The valve seal fits inside a grove at the base of the flush valve.

Remove Mansfield toilet disk. 

So I reach down and grab the valve seal, I don't just pull it up, I pull it out to the side, removing it from the grove, then I pull it up and remove it, then I make sure I did not leave any part of it in the grove. Note: mast of the time the Mansfield valve seat is red or pink, it can also be black.

Old Mansfield disk

This is the old Mansfield valve seal, notice that is is beveled, this beveling happens when the seal gets old, or if it is exposed to drop in bleach tablets, and other products that people put in to the toilet tank, to help keep the toilet clean, unfortunately these things cause all the rubber parts in the toilet tank to fail.
Hot water in the toilet tank will also cause the toilet valve seal to get soft and fail. The beveling of the seal is what causes the flush valve to be so hard to lift, it is designed to be flat.

New mansfield toilet disk 

This is the new Mansfield valve seat, you can find them at any big box store or hardware store.

Install new Mansfield disk 

See how nice and flat the new valve seal is, this is the way it is supposed to look, once installed the toilet flush valve will come up very easy, taking a load off of the toilet flush handle.

Mansfield disk in place 

When installing the Mansfield valve seal, be sure to get the seal inside the grove all the way around and that it is flat and not pushing up or down.
Once this valve seal is in place, you can start putting it back together again.

Replace Mansfield cone. 

When putting the flush valve back on, don't forget to put the flush handle into the hole provided before you push it all the way down.

Mansfield toilet flush 

Once the flush valve is set in place, screw the fitting with the tube tied to it back on top of the flush valve.
As it turns out the new non Mansfield flush handle does not allow the flush valve to sit all the way down on top of the valve seal, so I have 2 choices, one get the proper flush handle, or two remove the handle from the flush valve, use a zip tie to connect the flush handle and the flush valve together above the opening on the flush valve, don't make it tight or the flush valve will get stuck in the up position.

See repair image D