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Please rate your plumber or heating company, Send me an email with the details of your experience with the plumbing or heating contractor, you used for your home.
Please provide the company name and phone number, what you liked and what you did not like.
Please remember I cannot make any judgment on prices, because I have no Idea what the cost of doing business is, for your local plumber.
Local plumbers need to charge a price that will allow them to stay in business, so that they will be there the next time you need them.
A good quality company needs to hire quality plumbers to send to your home, this costs money, they need to provide insurance and other services to keep the good employees, they need to maintain insurance in case they damage your home, they need to have safe good quality trucks to carry a large inventory of plumbing and heating supplies, so that when they get to your home they can fix your plumbing and heating problem, without having to make many trips to the supply house. A good plumbing and heating company will stand behind their work, and be there when you need them. Use real licensed plumbers and professional contractors in your home. I provide a service where I answer plumbing and heating questions through emails, 90 percent of the problems people have, is do to using glorified handymen to fix their plumbing and heating problems, this is extremely dangerous. I just had one where the glorified handyman crossed all the water lines and now the home owner has hot water in her toilet, only cold water in her shower. she saved a bunch of money using the glorified handyman, but now she has to call a real licensed plumber to straiten out the mess.

I have seen non plumbers cap off water heater relief valves, bypass safety devices and many other things that could cause serious harm to home owners.
The bottom line is you cannot afford to use the inexpensive plumber.

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