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The return of the late great John Marston

The return of John Marston

Hats off to Rock Star Games the makers of the Red Dead Redemption game and now

Red Dead Redemption Two game, for bringing back the great John Marston to the Red Dead Redemption game series.

Rock Star Games have redeemed themselves after the very disappointing ending to the original Red Dead Redemption game, when our hero John Marston was killed off and replaced by his, whining sniffling annoying voiced son, Jake Marston.

We had to play the rest of this great game with this annoying character.

I replayed the game and stopped at the last mission when John Marston was still alive, and continued to do all of the other side missions with John Marston. I truly hated Jake Marston as an adult.

But now they have redeemed themselves by killing off Arthur Morgan and replacing him with John Marston.

I liked Arthur Morgan, but Itís great to be able to finish a game and have John Marston as the character to do all the free roaming with.

Thank you Rock star games.