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Gerber 2 and 3 handle tub and shower faucet page 3. To go back to page one click here

This is the third page on how to repair a Gerber tub and shower faucet with two or three handles. to go back to page one click the link above.
Replace a Gerber seat Insert the seat removal tool into the seat, be sure to use the correct end of the tool, one side is square and the other has 6 sides. Most seats are made of brass a soft metal and will strip very easy. Using a universal type seat removal tool is likely to strip the seat because they are tapered and do not make a perfect fit.
The right tool for the job applies here.
Gerber seat remove tool Once the tool is all the way inside of the seat, use a pipe wrench or a crescent wrench to turn the seat counter clockwise to remove it.
Gerber brass seat Be careful not to drop the seat down the wall, but if you do don't worry, you should replace the seat anyway and if you are going to replace the Gerber stem with a ceramic type stem you will not be replacing the seat at all.
Replace Gerber stem washer This is what the seat looks like on the seat removal tool, notice how nice and tight it fits.
New Gerber bib seat This is the Gerber bib seat that I removed from this shower valve.
shower valve Always use plumbers grease on all threads when reinstalling anything into a Gerber faucet, it makes it go in easer and makes it come out easer the next time the faucet needs to be repaired.
Grease Gerber parts It's best to replace all 3 seats the diverter, the middle handle uses the same seat as the hot and cold stems but the stem is different.
Gerber diverter This is the old Gerber stem, sometimes all you need to do is replace the washer. but a new stem will work better.

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