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The Garbage Disposal Page, Step by step instructions on how to install and repair your garbage disposal.

The most common things that go wrong with garbage disposals.
Always make sure the water is running when ever the disposal is running.
It is always better to use your garbage can, rather then the disposal. Potato peals will cause your drain to get clogged, Throw them in the garbage. If you are on a septic tank you should use Bio-Clean to protect your tank and fields. 

So all of a sudden your disposal does not work any more. what happened? Most of the time it is because something got stuck in the disposal and caused the motor to over heat. This causes the breaker to trip
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This is a picture of the bottom of your disposal. See the little red button. That is your reset button. But before you reset it make sure the switch to the disposal is off. Then just push it in, you should hear a click. If you do, run some water in the sink and turn the switch on. If it works normal you are done. But if it hums for a few seconds then stops again, you have another problem. The motor is stuck, possibly because whatever caused the problem in the first place is still in there or it is just caked up with too many Potato peals. (that should have been thrown in the garbage). So this is what you do.

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Again MAKE SURE THE POWER SWITCH IS OFF!!! (or you will get hurt) you know that funny looking tool that has been hanging around the kitchen cabinet or drawer for all those years, that you never knew what to do with? That is an Allen key tool shaped for removing the disposal and for moving a stuck motor. If you lost it or though it away just use regular Allen key that fits. Put it into the center as shown and move it in both directions till it moves freely. You do not need to remove the disposal to do this. After you have done this push the red button again run some water and turn the switch on again.

How to install a new garbage disposal. First you will need to remove the old basket strainer.

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Some times it's simple just remove the nut from the drain pipe then remove the large nut under the basket strainer under the sink, and you can pop it right out.

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Most times the large nut will be stuck and the whole basket strainer will spin. In this case the best thing to do is split the big nut using a Drumell tool or other tool and remove the nut, then it will come out easy. The basket strainer in the image to the left has 3 long screws instead of the large nut, but if you have the large nut you know what I am talking about.

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Make sure to clean the area where you just removed the old basket strainer.

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Get a small amount of plumbers putty in your hand and rub it and squeeze it till it is nice and smooth and warm in your hand.

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Now spread it around under the disposal basket strainers rim. It should look like the image on the left.

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Now put the garbage disposal basket strainer into the sink hole, pay attention to the lettering on the rim, make sure it is straight, (it has nothing to do with how it will work, It bothers me when it is not straight) Push it down firmly as hard and as even as you can.

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Gently remove the excess putty form under the sink, but do not remove the excess from above the sink yet.

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With the top section of the basket strainer in place, first put the card-board washer (friction ring) under the sink If there is a rubber washer the rubber washer goes on before the friction washer. then the metal triangle shaped piece note the flat side goes up. The next piece with the three screws goes next, but first back the screws all the way to the last few threads. now none of this will stay in place till you install the last ring clip. To install the ring clip, with one hand hold the top of the basket strainer down (hold it down from the top of the sink) then slip the ring into the grove. (see the pictures to the left. The ring will snap into place.

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Then you will need to tighten the three screws . Make sure to tighten them evenly, screw all of them up loosely till the triangle plate is all the way against the bottom of the sink, then turn each screw 1/2 a turn at a till they are all tight and it sits nice and even. Now you can remove the excess putty from the top of the sink. Ok next step is to get the disposal ready to hang on the basket strainer you just installed. The first thing you want to do is determine if you will be running your dish washer drain into the disposal or not. If not skip the next step. but if you are the next step is very important.

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In the pictures above you will see the dishwasher connection. Note in the first picture there is a built in plug inside. If you are going to use this connection to connect your dishwasher drain, this plug needs to be removed. Using a small screw driver and a hammer, place the end of the screw driver at the end of the plug (not the center) then tap it with the hammer, moving the end of the screw driver around the perimeter of the plug with each tap of the hammer till the plug breaks off. Once the plug breaks off make sure you remove if from the inside of the disposal, sometimes it does not come out in one piece, make sure to remove All of the plug.

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If you have a double sink and you do not have the room to use the 90 that comes with the disposal there is a kit that will allow you to come straight out and connect to combination sink drain tee. the pipe going into the disposal has a flared end just like the 90. To hang the disposal just line the flange on the disposal with the flange on the basket strainer so that all three sections line up then turn the flange on the disposal 1/4 turn clockwise then tighten with the tool that comes with the disposal.

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If this is a single bowl sink, or if you have the room to use the 90 that comes with the disposal, this is how to install it. Place the rubber washer in to the disposal then put the metal ring up behind the flair ion the 90 install and tighten the 2 nuts. All drains require a trap, in a single sink application the trap will attach to the bottom of the dishwasher 90.

Emails from a happy home owners.
Great advice. Saved me from paying a plumber from doing something very simple. Thanks so much!

Thanks a million. I didn't know anything about a disposal until looking at your site.
The instructions were clear and effective. Thanks again.

Thank you!! We thought we would need a new disposal! It works fine now! I am a new home owner never had a garbage disposal thank you very much. I had the Allen wrench and knew I should be able to use it somewhere but I just could not locate the spot. Thanks for your help.