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On line furnace or boiler inspection.

I can help you inspect your boiler or furnace, please read this page first.

I have been helping home owners, on line, with their heating problems for many years now.furnace inspection

I have become aware of a few issues that are putting the home owner, their families and their homes at risk.

I always instruct home owners to have a licensed plumber or heating professional, inspect and service their boiler or furnace every year.

In some cases a licensed plumber or heating professional will not do a good job, for a number of reasons, for example, they may have a lazy, or inexperienced employee, that will fix the problem you called about, but will not inspect the whole boiler or furnace, this is very poor service, if you call a pro, you assume everything on your heating system is okay, but if they only fix the problem you called about, and did not do a full inspection, or at least inform you that a full inspection is needed, you have been let down by that company.

I do not want to imply that all companies do this, most real licensed professionals, have your best interest in mind, and understand their responsibilities.

What are licensed professionals responsibilities? To inspect your heating equipment, look for any possible dangerous situations, make you the home owner aware of any code violations, and inform you of any new code requirements.

If the professional you allow into your home does not do the above, how could you possible know if something dangerous is going on? You canít, there is no other person that can tell you if there is a problem.

The handy man?

its best not to allow a handyman do any work on your heating system, even though they may be able to stop a leak, they cannot do a proper service and inspection of a boiler or furnace, and once again, you will not be aware of a potential dangerous situation.

Do It Yourself?

Only if you are a licensed professional, if not, bad things can happen.

Plumbers are so very expensive:

So is your home and you cannot put a price on yours and your familyís health.

What are the possible dangers a boiler or furnace may cause?

The possible dangers are, fire, explosion, carbon monoxide poisoning, severe burns and flooding.

What other possible problems are there?

The other possible problems are, the boiler may fail on the coldest day of the year, your pipes can freeze, and the boiler relief valve can blow off causing a flood.

Misunderstandings about boilers;

Gas boilers or furnaces burn very clean and do not need to be cleaned and serviced every year. I hear this from so many people, including handy men, this is not true, a gas boiler does need to be cleaned and serviced every year, the fact is it is more dangerous than an oil fired boiler or furnace, because it burns so clean.

If it is not broke, donít fix it, do I really need to say anything about this?

What I have learned about people is, they hear what they want to hear, and they believe what they want to believe, so everything I just wrote above will not change a personís mind about anything.

So I would like to help, If you will send me pictures of your boiler or furnace, that include the whole boiler, the rating plate, the gauge, the relief valve and all other pipes and controls connected to it, I will look at all of your pictures and then tell you if you have any potential problems, although I am very good at doing this, you need to understand, I can miss something, and you may misunderstand what I say to you, so as I have said before, it is best to have a real licensed professional come into your home and inspect and service your heating system. But if for any reason you will not or cannot have a pro take care of it, at least you had me look at it, having me look at it is better than having no one look at it.

The fee is only $19.99. Please note: By clicking on the buy now button you understand, that this is not a replacement for having a pro service and clean your furnace or boiler.

Only $19.99