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 The Drain King Drain Cleaner, how it works and how to use it.

Drain kingThis rubber garden hose attachment has saved me lots of time on some clogged drain line problems.

The Drain King comes in a few different sized a small one that fits 11/2" to 2" drain lines and a larger one that fits into a 3" and 4" drain line.

The drain King will not clear all drains and it needs to be inserted in the pipe at a specific location in the drainage system, for example, if there is a vent line between where you insert the Drain King and the clog, the water will go up the vent line and will not put pressure on the clog, and if that vent line has another plumbing fixture connected to it, the Drain King will cause that plumbing fixture to overflow, even if it is on the second floor.

If there is no other plumbing fixture on the vent pipe, the water from the Drain king will go out of the vent on the roof.

Also some things need to be cut out of a drain pipe, like tree roots.

So it is important to insert the Drain King in the drain line, where the water has no place to go except through the clog.

A few things to note: you should have a vacuum breaker on the faucet you are tying the hose to, if not you risk contamination of your drinking water with the waste in the drain pipe.

Never turn the water on to the hose with the Drain King on it, when it is not inside a pipe, It will continue to expand to a point that the Drain king will explode, like a big rubber balloon.

Another important point, I used a brand X type of a Drain King once, and it caused me a big problem, in a 4" sewer drain the rubber section came off of the brass section, and the rubber section went down the drain, and I had to use a drain cleaning machine to get the rubber part out, I recommend using the original Drain King.

I had an unusual problem the other day, a RV black water tank was full of dried crap, and the person who drains the tank could not pump it because it was dry, putting water in from the toilet side did not work because the tank was full and there was no room for water.

So I used my 3" Drain King to solve the problem, I put it into the drain pipe on the outside of the black water tank and let it run, I had some one on the inside keeping an eye on the toilet to be sure it did not over flow.

The water ran for 10 minutes, then with the pump guy there with his hose I turned the water to the Drain King off, when the water is turned off, the drain king shrinks back to its normal size, and all the water that went into the black tank comes washing out with all the crap that was in the tank, I had to do this 5 times to get the whole tank clear, another use for an awesome plumbing tool.