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Doug's problem with removing a Moen 1225 cartridge.

Hi Tom, Excellent site and well worth the Fee I sent you through PayPal, Thanks!

But. I'm in a quandary now, or 'up the creek without a paddle' since my old Moen cartridge doesn't seem to be made anymore. Got it out and the guy at the hardware store said he's never seen any like it and doesn't think I'll be able to replace it. This was taken out of our only bathroom (1950's early vintage, original plumbing) which is as in your pictures, one knob, pull on, push off, turn counter-clockwise hot, clockwise-cold.. It started leaking, then dribbling and anyway, the fittings are all tight (copper welded on...couldn't have been the easy way) so it's the cartridge. I scanned a picture of this extracted cartridge if it would help but know how people hate to open attachments from strangers. It's 3 & 7/8th " long and outside diameter at end towards wall is 7/16th".

Any ideas on where one could pick up one of these cartridges or a universal replacement for this old Moen?

Thanks for your site and you help!

Hi Tom, Step #1 accomplished with a (?) in the footnote though. They had a model #1200 Moen here in town but the question mark comes in when I look at the one I took out which has a 'slot' in the end that goes into the valve itself (maybe 1/4" long) , while the new one does not. (Doug wonders if this is where the Model 1200B notation comes in?) . The guy at the hardware store is a great guy, he said "Oh, no ..don't worry about it, they're the same, that doesn't matter."  (Hmmmm... Seems like I've heard that before, possibly once in the late 60's from my Army recruiter when he talked me into signing up for 4 years instead of just going in for two after I was drafted  "Oh no, don't worry about it, what's an extra year"..) Anyway, maybe the thing is just breaking down or it doesn't matter. Thought I'd at least send you up this scan so you could compare prices with coastal Oregon to where you are in Alaska for Moen cartridge and retainer pin at least. ;)

Will continue to update....Doug

Hi Tom, I hope you get this one since now my IP's Mail Server is down and nothing coming in or going out for the moment at least. But the GOOD NEWS ..IT WORKS PERFECTLY !!!! :^)

After days of no water and sweating this one out, it's over..whew!!!. I really was concerned about that 'notched end'at the valve side of the old cartridge since the new one didn't have this and going by Past experiences -(e.g. If one defective parachute is produced each year out of 1 billion, it will be the one that I am issued)- assumed that the inside valve piece was broken off that this went to..and so on ..

But ..ah, I'm getting email again I just noticed. I better send this before they freeze up again. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all your help again Tom !!!!

Take care, Doug

If you don't think you can be as persistent as Doug, or you are afraid of what may happen, Have a professional do this job for you.

Kind Regards, Doug

Hi Tom, Just in case, I wanted to send you a better scan of this old Moen cartridge I'm trying to find a replacement for. Now that the guy at the hardware store took all the washers off while looking at it, I'm not sure where they even go. I can't afford a plumber so I hope I can either make this one work or find a replacement somewhere, somehow. Thanks for looking at and reading this.

Answer: Hi Doug: If I am Not mistaking you still have part of the moen Cartridge stuck in the faucet. Does your faucet look like the pictures on my web site? Did you have to remove the rim and all that? If so the rest of the cartridge is stuck in the faucet. And It could be a bitch to get out.

Hi Tom, Thanks for emailing, I really appreciate it. Just back in from turning the water on at the street again so I could do laundry. This sucks. Hmm..To the best of my knowledge, what I scanned there was -I thought-, the whole cartridge for this 'relic' valve. Nothing left inside there to remove. I took the pin out which was mostly disintegrated anyway, did like you suggested and just used the handle w/screw into it to remove it and it came right out. If I look inside there now, there is just 'space' and then the junction at the center of the valve.? :^o ? hel..p... Thanks again...Any ideas or suggestions Tom, feel free to send them my way..I'm up to my waste in this thing now. Doug

Tom, I forgot, yep this faucet looks just like yours on the site..a little older but basically same thing..Doug

nswer: Ya Doug, There is still part of the old cartridge in the valve. This has happened to me before. if you look at the picture on my web site you will see the cartridge is thicker with O rings all around it. The thick part with the O rings is still in the Valve.

Hi Tom, Thanks... Hmm.. Think I'll go back out to the street then, shut the water off and have a look inside again. There were O Rings on that part I scanned and sent (7/16" diameter OD) .. and fixed rings attached.. the part towards the right went to the outside , handle etc.. corroded part to the left in the scan went inside the valve (I know this sounds elementary at best..long day) The outer metal 'sheath' which fits around the thing with the raised notch in it that the handle slides in and out on wasn't shown in my scan but is attached to the valve right along with the handle with the water pouring out while I was trying to do laundry. Can't figure how I missed the rest of it when that pin was pulled out and like clockwork, screwed the handle into the exposed hold of the cartridge, pulled it out..guess I left more of it inside the valve then huh? Hmm...

More investigation required here.. I really sincerely appreciate your email and help. Couldn't even get a plumber to call me back out here in town out of 3 different agencies so it's nice having someone care like this.

Well, have a good night's sleep and I'll see what I can pull out of there and get back to you Tom. More later.. Tks! Doug You're a genius Tom. You can tell from the attached scan that indeed you were right of course and there was more to this cartridge still inside. After writing you that last email about 15 minutes ago, I turned the water off at the street. Came back inside, took the handle off, removed the pin and big metal piece that surrounds the whole shabang, rescrewed the glass/plastic handle back on to the cartridge and gently tugged..nothing..violently yanked and it came out in one section. So this is what I have now which looks like possibly they still make this one then? I hope I hope.. Doug.

Answer: At first I did not recognize it. but then I saw the little screen on the bottom and remembered that this has happened to me once before. Now you will have no problem getting that cartridge. It will cost about $20.00. Good luck, let me know how the new one works out.

Thanks Tom:

Hi Tom, Yes, I have great hopes that I'll be able to finish this today but it's just a little after 7 o'clock in the AM now and this small coastal town  has only one hardware store so hope they have this particular Moen Cartridge which appears to be from just comparing it to parts online, to be a #1200  or #1200B (I don't know what the difference is since they look identical but just going from pictures). If not, It's a 140 mile roundtrip journey to  east of here to pick it up. One of the drawbacks to living in small areas. Then. since most things I try don't work, I won't be able to breathe a sigh of relief till I get it installed, turn the water back on and don't have a geyser in the bathroom again. Thanks again for all your help in this Tom. I'd really be in sorry shape if you hadn't written and got me straightened out on this cartridge problem! Will let you know how she turns out. More later. Take care;~~Doug

Answer: If you get in a pinch I can send you one. but Shipping from Alaska is expensive And over night is that much more.

;)Thanks Tom.  Think even with how we're getting gouged at the pumps these days, driving over 140 miles would still be cheaper in in the long run than Overnight from Alaska <g> I appreciate the offer though and will let you know how this all turns out.-Maybe I'll luck out and they'll have one here in town-   Ok, guess I'll get ready to head out and see if I can get the owner of the Hardware store to open up early just so I can check out the plumbing section.. worth a try anyway. Take care ~~ Doug