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A testimonial from Dan from Illinois

Last year I had a plumbing nightmare that I tried to fix myself. Three weeks, over $3,000.00, and 26 gray hairs later I thought the problem was solved. This winter I had the same problem, low water pressure on my main floor shower. I began to have flashbacks about last year and started to panic. Considering myself to be a semi-handy do-it-yourselfer I started trolling the internet for advice. That's when I first discovered .  You just can't get professional advice without the service call (here that's $75.00 and up) so I decided that this might be worth it. I paid my thirty bucks and detailed the master plumber my current problem and plumbing history. He responded to every e-mail right away as we began to narrow down the problem. I called him on the phone and he explained every step I should take next to try and isolate the problem. The third step was a little trick he knew about using the cold water to blow out across the fixture and out the hot water. Well it worked like a charm. It's an hour later and my shower runs like a champ. I told him on the phone and I will tell you here, it was the best $30.00 I have spent in a long time. Thanks master plumber! Back to ask your question This