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Full Step By Step Instructions On Hot to Replace a Toilet Fill Valve Or Ball Cock.

First turn off the water to the toilet. Most of the time you will find a shut off valve on the lower left side of the toilet. Turn this valve to the right (clockwise) to turn it off, and left to turn it on.

To be sure it is off, flush the toilet, if the toilet does not start to re fill the tank, then the water is off. If water is going back into the tank and you have turned the valve as far to the right as you can, you will need to turn off the main water valve.

Toilet fill valve
f you can not turn this valve with your hand, just turn off your main water valve With the water off remove the supply line from the bottom of the toilet. Instructions on how to replace a toilet fill valve or ball cock Toilet fill valve, Fluid master, ball cock, running toilet, If you are not completely sure you can do this job, maybe you should have it done by a professional.
Delta toilet fill valveIt is better to install the hose before you install the fill valve into the toilet tank. It is also better to adjust the height of the valve before you install the fill valve in to the toilet tank. (a fine adjustment can be made after installed)
Toilet ball cockIn the box you will find a rubber washer with another rubber washer in the middle of it, remove the middle washer and place the larger of the two on to the threads at the bottom of the fill valve, flat side up beveled side facing tank.
Delta toilet fill valveOnce you have the rubber washer in place, put the fill valve in to the hole in the tank then put the nut on to the threads that are sticking out of the bottom of the toilet tank. with the Fluid master 400A the flat side goes up facing the tank bottom, Look closely at the above images for the Delta FV95V and Delta RPF95A
Fill valve nutClick on any image to see a larger image. Notice one side is flat and the other has an indentation, the flat side goes up against the toilet tank, if you install this upside down you will not be able to tighten the water supply line because the nut from the water supply line will rub against the fill valve nut before it gets tight. Make the fill valve nut snug but remember it is plastic don't over do it, it should be tight enough so that you can not move the fill valve with your hand.
Overflow tube toiletIf you have a supply tube like the one in the first image at the top of this page, you may want to replace it with a metal flexible toilet supply, Don't use the white or gray plastic ones, again don't over tighten the nuts. when you turn the water back on check for leaks, one hour later, check for leaks again. Remember The smallest leak can cause thousands of dollars of damage to you home. Maybe you should have it done by a pro. This is very important DO NOT push the rubber hose down the overflow tube, even if it has the adaptor with the hole in it that the hose fits perfectly in to. YOU MUST use the clip that comes with the fill valve and hook it on to the overflow tube. the tube is long enough so that you can put a loop in the hose, do not cut the hose.
Fill valve water supplyTurn on the water and test. Re check the turnoff valve to be sure it did not start leaking as a result of you turning it on and off. If it is, very carefully tighten the packing nut on the valve using two wrenches one to hold the valve so it does not turn and the other to turn the packing nut. please read and understand the disclaimer.
Inside toilet tankClick On Any Image To See A Larger Image.
This is the inside of a Mansfield toilet tank, it is like most toilet tanks with a standard float ball type fill valve
(ball cock) I have already removed the ball from the rod.
Bottom of toilet tankIt is not necessary to remove the toilet tank as I did in this image. The nut on the right side, will be on the bottom left side of the toilet with the tank still installed.
Remove fill valve nutThe water supply line should already be removed, and all the water should be removed from the tank once you loosen this nut, any water in the tank will run out the hole on to the floor.
Remove toilet flush valveIn this project I am replacing everything. We are only focusing on the fill valve. The Item on the right is the removed fill valve.
Connect fill valve tube to valveI replaced this fill valve with a Delta FillPro anti-siphon fill valve # FV95V or RPF95a. This does not look like a Fluid Master 400A but the same instillation applies. Connect the rubber hose to the little nipple at the top of the fill valve.