Master Plumber Dot Net Plumbing and Heating Answers

Call me if you need plumbing or heating help. 

If you were not able to find the plumbing or heating answer you were looking for, on this website, you can call me on the phone, there are a few things to consider before you dial the number.

First and most important, I live on the east coast, eastern USA time, please call between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm eastern time.

Please never call me, to ask about what another plumber charged you for their work, this in not any of my business, I do not know what their overhead is. Also please don't ask me if you were cheated by another plumber, there is no standard pricing in the plumbing and heating business, and you need to figure out for yourself what is fair and what is not.

I will accept calls outside of the time mentioned above, if it is an emergency, but please keep in mind, I can-not crawl through the phone and help you.

If you have a leak and need help finding the shutoff valve, I will try to help you, if your heat shuts off in the middle of the night, I will try to help you, but there is only so much that can be done with a phone call.

Even though I am old and busted up, I still have to work, I do not answer my phone, when I am at work, If you get my voice mail, leave a message, if I do not receive a message, I do not return your call, I assume it was a telemarketer, and I block the phone number, please don't get yourself blocked.


I like talking to people, and helping people over the phone, so it is not a bother to me. So if you would like to speak with me, give me a call 845-325-9830 Please do not text me at this number, thank you.