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What should the boiler gauge readings be?

Boiler gauge settings:

The pressure should be from 12 psi to 18 psi The Temperature should be between 160 and 180 degrees f. but can be up to 200 degrees f.

To replace a relief valve. Turn the power to the boiler off, let the boiler cool, turn the water to the boiler off, remove the drip tube from the outlet side of the relief valve. (this must be put back after the relief valve has been replaced) Drain the pressure off the boiler, remove the relief valve, make sure you replace the relief valve with a boiler relief valve of the same rating, DO NOT USE A WATER HEATER RELIEF VALVE ON A BOILER. after you replaced the relief valve and put the dip tube back on, turn the water back on and purge the system then turn the power back on. Don't want to try this yourself? Use the 24/7 Help Line. See a stuck boiler gauge

On the next 2 pages you will find what is written on the little tag attached to the boiler relief valve, please take the time to read and understand what is written on each tag.


Boiler relief valve tag 1

Boiler relief valve tag 2