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Your relief valve may not be a Conbraco relief valve.

But all relief valves have similar warnings and instructions so take the time to read the tag on your boiler relief valve. this could save your life.

Conbraco_boiler_relief_valve_tagCONBRACO          DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG         I-4868-00 


1) Use of this valve for any other purpose or media places all responsibility upon user.
2) Installation must be performed by qualified service personal only.
3) The Btu/Hr rating of this valve must equal or exceed that of the equipment to which it is installed.
4) DO NOT use this valve on a coal or wood boiler having an uncontrolled Btu heat input.
5) Insure that all connections, including the valve inlet, are clean and free from any foreign material.
6) Use Pipe compound sparingly, or tape, on external threads only.
7) DO NOT USE A PIPE WRENCH! Use proper type and size wrench on wrench pads only.
8) This valve must be mounted in a vertical, upright Position directly to a clean, tapped opening in the top of the equipment. Under no circumstances should there be a flow restriction or valve of any type between the safety relief valve and the pressure vessel.
9) WARNING! During operation, this valve may discharge large amounts of steam and/or hot water. Therefore, to reduce the potential for bodily injury and property damage, a discharge line MUST be installed that:
a. is connected from the valve outlet with no intervening valve and directed downward to a safe point of discharge.
b. Allow complete drainage of both the valve and the discharge line.
c. Is independently supported and securely anchored so as to avoid applied stress on the valve.
d. Is as short and straight as possible.
e. Terminates freely to atmosphere where any discharge will be clearly visible and is at no risk of freezing.
|f. Terminates with a plain end which is not threaded.
g. Is constructed of a material suitable for exposure to temperatures of 375F or greater.
h. Is, over it's entire length, of a pipe size equal to or greater than that of the valve outlet. Use only schedule 40 pipe for discharge. (DO NOT CAP, PLUG, OR OTHERWISE OBSTRUCT DISCHARGE PIPE OUTLET!
10) See appropriate ASME Boiler and pressure vessel Code for additional installation instructions.   

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