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Those Damn Blue Water drop in tablets!

Once again I had to charge a home owner an additional one hour charge, because of those damn blue water drop in tablets.

A simple job, remove the toilet tank from the toilet bowl, to replace the flush valve and the tank to bowl nuts and bolts, but the tank is full of that blue water crap, and I have to make sure it does not get out of the tank and on to the walls or floor, because that junk stains everything it gets on.

The tank needs to be cleaned out before it can be removed, and the blue slime, that it turns into after it has been in water for a time is very hard to scoop up. And the toilet needs to be flushed many times to get that junk out, a total hour just to get rid of the blue water.

This time the blue water drop in tablet did not cause the plumbing problem, it was just an added annoyance.

The interesting thing about this is, there is a sticker inside the toilet tank that says "DO NOT USE ANY DROP IN TABLETS", or the toilet warranty will be void.

I mentioned that the blue water drop in tablets did not cause this service call, but let me share the many service calls that are directly caused by the blue water drop in tablets and the clear bleach drop in tablets.

The chemicals in the drop in tablets, cause all of the rubber parts in the toilet tank to deteriorate, this causes flappers to fail much sooner than they would have without the drop in tablets.

The same goes for the fill valve and the flush valve.

The bleach kills needed natural bacteria that break down the sewage, causing septic systems to fail sooner than normal.

When the drop in tablet gets smaller, they can be sucked into the flush valve, preventing the water from going from the tank to the bowl. Please see images.

When the drop in tablets brake into smaller pieces they get sucked into the toilet bowl, clogging the ports, and cause the toilet to not flush, the water just spins and does not go down. Sometimes it is impossible to remove the pieces from the inside of the toilet, causing the need to replace the toilet, or not have the toilet flush until the tablet dissolves a few months later.

So do yourself, your toilet and your septic system a favor and do not use any type of drop in tablet in your toilet tank.