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Before you pay the fee
It's very important, that you have a professional service person, service your boiler or furnace, every year.

There is much that needs to be said about using, on line advice to troubleshoot and solve your plumbing and heating problems.

I need to make this short enough, so that you will take the time to read all of it.

So, ALL boilers and furnaces need to be serviced and cleaned at least once a year, by a real professional, especially GAS fired units.

Gas fired boilers and furnaces, will run like nothing is wrong, even though there is a real carbon monoxide situation building up, this needs to be kept in check by having it serviced by a professional every year.

Having a carbon monoxide detector in your home is a great idea, but it does not eliminate the need, to have your boiler or furnace serviced every year.

Oil fired boiler and furnaces also need to be serviced and cleaned by a professional every year, the only difference is an oil fired boiler will make a real mess when it fails, so you will know you have a problem.

Other important reasons to have a pro in your home every year are, the boiler relief valve needs to be inspected every year.
The chimney needs to be inspected every year.
Boiler controls need to be inspected every year, to be sure they are functioning properly.
Safety devices need to be checked to be sure they are functioning properly.

And there are many other things that could be going on that you may not be aware of, that a pro will find, some could be life threatening.

I do my best to help you with the correct answers to your plumbing and heating questions, I give better advice then others I see on the internet, who give very dangerous advice, but getting any advice from people on the internet, instead of having a local pro come into your home and look at your system, is very foolish, and dangerous.

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