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I have Banging Pipes in my home, Why?

Hi...I have a question? We have a older 1and a half story house and sometimes when we use the upstairs shower or sink the pipes downstairs make a really loud shaking noise? Thank you,

Believe it or not it may be coming from one of your toilets, the next time you hear it look in side your toilet tank and then put your fingers on the rod that the ball is attached to. if the sound stops then you need to change your fill valve. follow this link. How to change a fill valve Thanks.

We did and the humming stopped. We decided to replace all the guts of all the toilets in the house. The washer were worn. After that the hum disappeared totally. Thanks again for your help. Can't believe it was so simple to repair.

We learned the hard way, after more than $500.00 in plumbers and supplies, all we had to do was rebuild the toilets. Thanks again.

It may also be the Mixing valve