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Why is my toilet flushing so bad.

Do toilets go bad?

My toilet water and anything in it will not drain, it continues to swirl around and around,
if I pour water in the toilet while it is swirling the stuff "then" drains.

Sounds to me like your ports are clogged. there are small ports under the rim of the bowl. and 1 large one about the size of a nickel. at the bottom of the bowl the larger one I call the main port.

1 The toilet may be clogged. Try this trick. get a bucket of water flush the toilet and at the same time pour the water from the bucket into the bowl. does it flush correctly now or does it fill the bowl to almost over flowing? if it flushes correctly it is not clogged.

2 The vent could be clogged. this is not likely.

3 Do you have hard water and are there hard water stains in the bowl?

If yes your ports may be clogged with lime.

Use a small nail to clean out the ports (yes the ones in the bowl under the rim)

4 Do you use those blue water or bleach drop in things? Some times when they are almost all dissolved the little piece gets flushed from the tank and clogs the main port ( the main port is the one at the bottom of the bowl it shoots water directly into the drain.) if this is the problem, you can try to break it up with a screw driver, but it is hard because it will keep moving away from you. it can take more then a month for this to dissolve on it's own.

I hope this answers your question. please let me know how it works out. Tom.

Dear Tom You made my day. Our 38th anniversary even! I was not familiar of all the aspects of "toiletology". Equipped with your information I went with a screw driver to check the main port.

I knew that it looked so very gray over there. I could not find any hole there at all. Even a piece of baling wire did not go through. So I started chipping the grey stuff and pretty soon chunks of it started to come lose.

Now there is a gaping hole and we have a swirl! So I want to thank you so very much for your answer.

Since my husband's stroke1988 I have been the plumber ( not too good), the carpenter, the farmer etc.

Now I have a new talent to add to my resume! Thanks again! Hi Tom,

The advice you gave to correct a toilet flush problem was indeed excellent.

I too had a similar problem whereby the water in the bowel would swirl around and around before the stuff finally flushed away and even then, a bit of paper would return to the bottom of the bowel.

I poked and removed some hard water build-up from the main port and that made a BIG IMPROVEMENT. Can all the ports be plugged up with, say, duct tape then pour lime remover or vinegar down the toilet tank flush tube to dissolve and clean all the ports? Of course the water would be turned off and all water in the tank removed. Then leave the solution in the tank and ports for a day to allow enough time for the lime to dissolve? Would that work? Thanks for the great advice,