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Troubleshoot a Peerless MI Gas hot water furnace.

Hello sir. I have a Peerless Series MI boiler for forced hot water heating. I had a frozen line which seems to be thawed now, but it seems like there is air in the line. I can't seem to find a way to bleed it.

Answer: Hi if you send me pictures of your boiler piping I will send you instructions on how to the air out.Taco 007 circulator

Home Owner: Thanks for getting back to me. It's a 2 zone system and it is just not very obvious as to where the bleed points are, at least not to me anyway.peerless mi boilerTaco Air Scoop

 Home Owner: If you need specific or better pictures please let me know. Thanks again.

Answer: Your pictures show 2 Taco 007 circulator pumps, above those two ball valves with yellow handles and above that 2 different type of boiler drains. To purge the air out Turn the yellow handle valve off, connect a hose to the boiler drain above the yellow handle valve. Run hose to a 5 gallon bucket, placed where the bucket can overflow without causing a flood. Open the boiler drain partly so that the water flows but be sure the boiler pressure does not go below 5 PSI when purging.
 When you see very few air bubbles coming out of the hose at the bottom of the bucket, you are done.

Home Owner: Thanks! I am going to jump on this right away. 


Home Owner: Nothing was coming out of the hose, so I disconnected it. I placed the bucket right at the drain and the picture shows how the water is coming out. Did I miss something or is the pipe still frozen somewhere?

Boiler Drain

 Answer: What is the boiler pressure? if it is showing above 5 PSI, yes the line is still frozen, but if that water flow coming out of the boiler drain is steady, water is getting past the ice and will cause it  to melt, but if it stops you have a total freeze

 I have a few ideas about pushing the ice along but it is a little risky and could cause a flood.

Home Owner: Water is slowly coming out so I believe it is moving. Here is the gauge.

peerless boiler gauge

What are your ice pushing ideas?

Answer: Look for your water supply valve to your boiler, if it is a Watts 1156 or B and G with a lever on top like a little flag lift it up till the boiler reaches 25 pounds, but do not let it get as high as 30 PSI If it reaches 30 PSI the relief valve will blow. If you have a break in the lines any place in the zone it could cause a flood, Keep in mind this will let loose all at once so have the bucket ready or have the hose connected.

Home Owner: Should I shut off both yellow valves or just the one with the red drain above it?

Answer: Just the one till it lets go, is it still dripping?

Home Owner: Nope. It seems what was coming out was just residual water on the return side of the blockage/freeze. Even raising the pressure as instructed did not produce a result.

I called it for the night. At least the zone for the bedrooms is still going. I left the areas I could open in the frozen zone trying to see if the space heater would help overnight.

Answer: OK Tomorrow maybe we can locate the frozen section and thaw it. Open all closet doors and cabinets to allow warm air to get into them.

Home Owner: Thanks so much for your help and knowledge. It makes me feel like I am not just fumbling around without a direction.

There were two sections of pipe in the ceiling with 4 splits and one 90 degree elbow that had been broken off(forced off...?). Getting the water cleaned up and everything dried. No way were we fixing that last night! Thanks again for the help.

Answer: Sorry it worked out that way. be sure to protect the pipes in the ceiling from freezing again, be sure everything is dry before closing anything up. Home owner insurance covers damage caused by frozen pipes.. Thank you for using the 24/7 Help Line.
Thomas Petito Reardon.